End of year Event

  YGP ENG end of year eventOn Saturday the 6th of December, YGP is organizing the end of year event, which will take place under the theme: Business relations. As usual, we focus on building a strong network among Ghanaians in the Netherlands. This time, we are taking it a step further by taking the opportunity to network with companies and organisations that include our Ghanaian Embassy. During this event, you will have the opportunity to lay contacts and build relationships with companies that can be of added value to your career and are needed to work or start a business in Ghana. The end of year event will be an opportunity to make contacts with Dutch companies that are based in Ghana and/or have relations with Ghana. Of course the event is also an opportunity to network with more Ghanaian professionals and students. You will experience a combination of networking, making new contacts and gaining more knowledge.


The end-of-year event takes place in the Holiday Inn hotel Rai, starting from 6pm and 9pm.

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schedule of the event

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