About YGP

The Young Ghanaian Professionals(YGP) is an active union for young high educated Ghanaians who reside within the Benelux. The YGP has branches in the United Kingdom, the United States, the Benelux and Ghana. The union is a network which consists of students, professionals from different backgrounds and organizations which are related to Ghana.

The Benelux branch is based in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands.
The YGP was formed informally in December 2009 with the main goal to bring young high educated Ghanaians of the Diapora together. The union was officially launched in February 2012. The language which is spoken is mainly Dutch.

Our activities

The YGP organizes business networking events and maintains international relations between organisations, students and professionals. In this manner, the members have the opportunity to build strong network. Not only to build a professional network, but also to make social contacts to build the needed relationships.
Are you a young high educated student, a professional or do you own or work for an organization which has relation with Ghana? Or do you think you can contribute to our union in any way? Then do not hesitate to add yourself to our members list.

The Ghanaian Diaspora- Ghanaian immigrants in the Netherlands

There were two developments in Ghana that led to emigration to western countries (the so-called “Aburokyere). The first development was the oil crisis from 1974 to1983, which led many Ghanaians to migrate to Germany, UK, USA and Canada. When the visa requirements for these destinations became stricter, other Ghanaians decided to head to the Netherlands.

The second development took place in the late eighties to early nineties, when many Ghanaians migrated to the Netherlands. This was due to famine and severe drought and deportation of over 1 million Ghanaians from Nigeria.
The migration of many Ghanaians to the Netherlands went on late eighties early nineties.

Most Ghanaians in the Netherlands are migrants. This group has strong ties with the country of origin. According to the CBS (Central bureau for statistics) data published on January 1st 2011, about 21,376 Ghanaians (excluding illegals) are residing in the Netherlands. More than half (+ / – 53%) of the Dutch Ghanaians are living in Amsterdam. Furthermore, the vast majority of Ghanaians are to be found in The Hague and Rotterdam. In short, Ghanaians are mainly in the big cities.
Due to the language barrier, many Ghanaians do jobs that are below their level, whereby they are poorly paid. This applies especially to the first generation of Ghanaians; the second generation however does better.

Reason for YGP
one of the main reasons for YGP’s existence is to bring young highly educated Ghanaians together as they often withdraw themselves from the Ghanaian community. However these second generations also do not know of each other’s existence.

For this reason we the YGP have created a network for the young Ghanaians who are doing well with the intension to exchange knowledge and to see what we as Diasporas can do for our country of origin. Nevertheless we are the future!